GTECH launches new program: ReDo

By: Sara Innamorato

Pittsburgh – April 1, 2014 – Growth Through Energy and Community Health [GTECH] Strategies launches new program, ReDo. The focus of the program will be helping community-based hair salons come up with creative reuses for hair clippings.

GTECH CEO, Andrew Butcher, formulated the idea during a weekly visit to his barber shop.

“I first thought of this idea while at my weekly 4 hour barber visit during my second facial treatment.  Many people don’t know that I produce an inordinate amount of facial hair and have gathered it for years to fuel my compost powered vehicle, ” he said.

GTECH’s newest program area

The hair will be recycled into value-added products, including hair pellets and novelty mustaches.

Megan Zeigler, ReClaim and ReDo Program Director, is excited about how this material can be used as an economic driver.

She said, ” With ReDo, we are creating valuable products out of waste, which aligns with our organizational mission of turning wasted resources into community assets. We hope that through the sale of the end product, those funds can go back into the neighborhood. I mean, really, who doesn’t want a fake mustache made of real hair?!?”

“ReDo is GTECH’s fourth program area and really gels with our other 3 program areas, ReClaim, ReFuel and ReEnergize.” Said Communications Specialist, Sara Innamorato.

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