About Us

Dana Lynn Jackson

ReClaim McKeesport Ambassador


“Our future is in their (younger generation) hands and we need to teach them ownership in their neighborhood and to help out with the elderly that need assistance with taking care of their property”

About Me.

My hometown is McKeesport, PA. I am a mother of four children who keep me busy and make me proud everyday. I became an ambassador to make a difference in the community and influence others to do the same. I hope for more residents to come together and help McKeesport neighborhoods return to the beautiful state that they once were. For my project, I hope to construct a play area or garden to teach kids to get involved.

What is your proudest moment/achievement?

I would have to say my proudest moments were the births of my children. They have all made me stronger. I can’t imagine life without them.

What challenges face your community?

Instilling self pride in our younger generations. Our future is in their hands and we need to teach them ownership in their neighborhood.

What is McKeesport’s greatest asset?

The diverse group of people that have have a long history in McKeesport. McKeesport is a town where everyone knows each other, which helps in raising your children.


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