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Dorrie Smith

ReClaim Northside Ambassador

“Northsiders are generational. We leave, but, believe me, we either return (take me for example) or keep it in our hearts.”

About Me.

I’m a very active person who wishes I could add on another 6 hours to a day. I’m a Pennsylvania Realtor, Manager of a daycare center, a mother of a daughter, grandmother to 4 wonderful grandchildren and a proud great-grandmother of a 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong, I love my great-grandchild, but I’m way too young to have any more. The grandchildren know that.

What organizations or causes do you support?

As a community activist and leader, I’m a strong supporter of quality early childhood education. I support the arts, historic preservation, sustainable open spaces and blight reduction. I’m also seated on the following boards: Observatory Hill Inc., Observatory Hill Development Corp., Northside Leadership Conference, Northside Community Development Fund and CTAC

What is your favorite place in your neighborhood?

Riverview Park! It’s where neighbors come together for events, jazz, festivals and good old-fashioned picnics.