Energy Carolers

Program Area: ReEnergize

Topic: Community Engagement, Education, Energy Efficiency

Year: 2012

Neighborhood: Hazelwood, Wilkinsburg

To celebrate the holiday season, ReEnergize Pgh collaborated with PennFuture and Peoples Gas to launch Energy Carolers.

50 Energy Carolers from both Hazelwood and Wilkinsburg were selected to receive special training on community outreach, and low- to no-cost techniques and technologies to reduce energy waste. Together they distributed 150 bags of energy saving gadgets to each set of neighborhood residents.

Then the participants went door-to-door in their communities in order to bring free home energy efficiency kits for their neighbors.

Energy Efficiency Educational Tools.

Energy saving tools were given to residents who attended education sessions.

50 residents in total were selected to attend how-to sessions around reducing energy use

After the education sessions, the "carolers" hit the streets and shared information and goodies with their neighbors

The Wilkinsburg Carolers at the Hosanna House

Energy Carolers in Hazelwood after an afternoon of energy "caroling"



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