GTECHer Spotlight: Ava Weiskopf

By: Sara Innamorato

Get to know…Ava Weiskopf

Current GTECH Project: Tiny Town

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Alma Mater: Syracuse University

Favorite Activity: running with her dog Cincy

Favorite Burrito Topping: Sour Cream (always!)


Working at GTECH has been a wonderful experience! It’s a diverse team with excited and passionate people. They opened the doors to the nonprofit world for me and allowed me to share my design knowledge with them. I got to be involved in a little bit of everything (which keeps work new and exciting) …and help make pittsburgh a better place!

– Ava

One of the first things we learned about Ava was that she never leaves home without a Koozie (or three – in different shapes, sizes and designs). Not only is this woman passionate about insulated beverages, but also problem solving through design.

The ReEnergize Pgh Ambassador’s Notebooks designed and constructed by Ava.

In early 2013, Ava started out assisting the Communications Specialist with marketing needs. Instantly she began delivering dynamic, attractive design that helped our audience understand the GTECH story. Soon her skill set became a hot commodity in the office.

Once we got her a membership to the Tech Shop, she put her manufacturing skills to the test too. She designed and produced materials for our ReEnergize Pgh Ambassador Program, tabling events, and most recently, a board game.

Currently her design and building skills are being used to create the 3D version of the Tiny Town game board that will be used  for civic education sessions with middle schoolers.

Connect with Ava

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