GTECH Staff love their communities

By: Sara Innamorato

Love is in the air and on your block. This Valentine’s Day week, we are asking everyone to share some loving’ for their ‘hood. Here is some GTECH Staff some photos from the staff on what they swoon over in their stomping grounds.

Want to share you’re own?

Sara Innamorato

Neighborhood: Lawrenceville

“I love that is live in walking distance of delicious croissants”


Travis Mecum

Neighborhood: Larimer

“I really like this bench in the Larimer Green Team community garden area. My housemates and I shared a plot last year and I grew radishes.” 

Andrew Butcher

Neighborhood: Regent Square

“I have to admit that skiing in Frick Park makes me and [Jasper] Bacon warm with love.” 


Nicole Miller

Neighborhood: Polish Hill

“Coming home to view like this remind me why #Ilovemycommunity “ 

Zaheen Hussain

Neighborhood: Friendship

“Walkability is important, and with a snowy Friendship Park, it’s beautiful!” 



Megan Zeigler

Neighborhood: Spring Hill

“A cool gem on the Northside that makes me think about the Mr. Rogers set!” 


What things do you love about your neighborhood? Share you picture on Twitter or Instagram and #ilovemycommunity.

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