Apply Innovation to Community Development

GTECH strengthens its impact and commitment to the community through innovative social enterprise projects, goods, and services.  This work includes research, consulting, replication, and social ventures.  For examples of research, please visit the Resources section of the website.

Our current Applied Innovation projects are:

ReDirt: is a R&D project designed to produce inexpensive, fabricated soil for 
residential and commercial use in urban greening and land reclamation projects.  Currently ReDirt is supported through a Green Building Product and Development phase in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and others.

ReFuelPGH: is a new program of GTECH that reduces air and water pollution and keeps fuel investment in our region. In partnership with Fossil Free Fuels, GTECH is transforming this economic and environmental liability into a diesel replacement that will support a youth entrepreneurship-training program. (Click here to learn more)

ReSeed: GTECH Seed Packets provide a unique value creation from vacant land, selling sunflowers seeds harvested from vacant lots in individual packets to gardening stores and landscaping enthusiasts.