Leadership Development at GTECH Strategies

One of the core anchors of building a strong green economy is building strong community leaders. At GTECH, we work with community groups and community-led initiatives to help build the green economy and connect local community members to green economy opportunities.

NEXT Leaders for Green Communities

In 2010, Coro Center for Civic Leadership launched the NEXT Leaders for Green Communities program, a 2 year part-time leadership development program focused on the Hill District and Uptown communities.

The goals of the program are to:
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GTECH brings a sophisticated understanding of the local and national green economy landscape’s current trends, dynamics and activities. In addition, GTECH is recognized in Pittsburgh and in the wider region as a leader of the green jobs movement, with the ability to bring vision, convene key stakeholders, move policy, and advance social change. Finally, GTECH targets environmental liabilities as platforms for creative, productive and inspiring platforms for community prosperity and can help Young Leaders in Green Communities (YLGC) participants identify untapped opportunities in their community.

GTECH’s role is to:
  • Develop green economy specific content and materials for sessions, workshops, interviews, external communication and other relevant elements of YLGC program.
  • Identify, recruit and facilitate the participation of green economy resource experts, organizations and programs in the YLGC program.
  • Ensure YLGC participants are connected to ongoing and upcoming green economy opportunities and activities in the Hill District and across the region.
  • Introduce participants to appropriate green economy solutions emphasizing community-based initiatives with the potential to spur green enterprise development creating a distributed network of community innovation.
  • Encourage an active organizational collaboration focused on enabling local leadership on the ground to grow the marketplace, shape public dialogue and engage community.


Urban Leadership Institute

The Urban Leadership Institute (ULI) is a collaborative project led by the Kingsley Association, in coordination with ACTION-Housing, Inc., Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. and GTECH Strategies. The primary goal is to increase participation in ACTION-Housing's Weatherization Assistance Program in several East End neighborhoods.

The ULI strategy is threefold: By identifying grassroots leaders we develop a leadership pipeline that can promote and create a greater awareness of the green economy. By educating the public we raise awareness about local green job initiatives and help shape the discussion to include issues such as equity, inclusion, etc. Finally, by connecting the community to emerging opportunities such as the Weatherization Assistance Program, we focus our local workforce efforts on tangible green job and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Moving forward, ULI is building on it's initial success by continuing to develop leaders at the grassroots level and engaging the community at-large around weatherization and other emerging opportunities in the green economy.

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GTECH Strategies' work with the ULI focuses on two specific areas:

  • conducting trainings on civic leadership, community organizing and the use of technology in civic engagement
  • implementing a data-drive, rigorous outreach and engagement effort targeting homeowners (and potentially some renters) who are eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program

Since the fall of 2010, GTECH has facilitated 10 training sessions for community leaders in organizing, civic leadership, the green economy and use of technology in community organizing. In addition, GTECH has managed the program's grassroots outreach efforts.