What We Do

GTECH Strategies’ Methodology

GTECH’s methodology is the core component of our programming. We believe that investigation is an ideal starting point to addressing systematic problems that communities face. Our four-pronged approach is based on our experience in planning, community engagement and on-the-ground implementation.



  • We are involved in policy discussions that are affecting communities.
  • We create processes and resources for neighborhoods to navigate systems in the realm of vacant land, energy efficiency and wasted resources.
  • We look at what other changemakers and go-getters are doing – in Pittsburgh and beyond.


  • We implement on-the-ground solutions to turn environmental liabilities into community assets.
  • We aren’t afraid to try innovative approaches to touch community development issues.


  • We build relationships with organizations, businesses, community development corporations and individuals doing amazing work.
  • We connect citizens to funding, education and technical resources.


  • We put resources in place so that the community can continue to take ownership of the project.
  • We believe that we are only successful if communities achieve their vision.