Our Mission

Growth Through Energy and Community Health is a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating the unrealized potential from people and places to improve the economic, social, and environmental health of our communities. 

It is our vision to see thriving communities of engaged, energized, and equipped residents –  those who are invested in the wellbeing and development of their neighborhoods. We want citizens to look at the waste in their communities not as an obstacle, but rather an opportunity to create something that adds economic and environmental value for themselves, their families, friends, and the city of Pittsburgh. 


We Value:


  • Collaboration

Big issues, such as vacant land, involve a community, not one organization. We have many partners so that we can create the greatest impact.

  • Social Equity

We work will all types of communities to ensure that all neighborhoods have equal access to opportunities.

  • Respect

None of our projects are done without the inclusion and input from the community residents.     

  • Creativity

 We view every issue as an opportunity to craft a unique solution. 

  • Catalytic Strategies

 We advocate through action.

  • Market-Driven Approach

 We believe that long-term community development requires the creation of systems that can be driven by demand. 

  • Knowledge Transfer

We are here for you. Our resources and skill sets are available to anyone who wants them. Your success is a win for us too!