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Beaver County Times: May 2013


Veil of the Valley: New technologies driving diesel’s resurgence

Dan Certo in the Beaver County Times, Refuel Pgh, Biodiesel

MOON TWP. — J.D. Waechter commutes 100 miles each day from his Ross Township home to South Hills for business and says his all-wheel drive vehicle just isn’t cutting it.

And Waechter’s search has led him in what some might think is an unlikely direction — he’s looking for a diesel-powered car.[…] 

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Photo Credit Beaver County Times


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GTECH Press Releases:

GTECH on the ground

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GTECH work with our partners:

     Green Job Training is Serious Investment May 2011
     Pittsburgh Urban Farms, July 2010
     Running on Vegetable Oil! Fossil Free Fuels with ReFuelPGH, June 2010
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     – Allegheny Grows in Millvale, April 2010
     – Green Jobs Now, National Day of Action, September 2008
     – Celebrate and Build Local, Sustainable Markets

GTECH recognition and awards:

     – Maureen in The Duquesne Duke as Green Leader, December 2010
     – White House recognizes GTECH
     – Sprout Fund Award, June 2010
          Sprout Fund Website
     Give Energy Drink powers up GTECH!
     – Echoing Green Fellows 2008

GTECH in multimedia:

     – The Allegheny Front Talks Sunflowers with GTECH, July 2011
     – The Allegheny Front Interviews GTECH, July 2011
     – WQED Pittsburgh: OnQ with Doug Oster
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