GTECH Strategies in the Pittsburgh’s Green Economy

Video by Green for All



Two Wheels Lots of Green



On August 11, 2012, GTECH hosted over 50 bikers on a tour of GTECH’s vacant land reclamation sites in East Liberty, Homewood, Larimer, Wilkinsburg and Millvale. Through a grant provided by the German Marshall Fund, GTECH was able to produce videos highlighting the transformation of the sites through the work of community partners and explore future possibilities that community members envision for the space. 



Borland Green

[East Liberty]

Hamnett Place


Larimer Village Green



Millvale Garden


Sojourner MOMS Playyard

[East Liberty]

Race Street





The History of GTECH


2011: A Story of Growth 2010: Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Spoptlight