As a social enterprise, 501c3 organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania GTECH

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Reclamation + Green Jobs + Innovation = Community and Economic Development

Reclaiming Vacant Land & Empowering Communities

GTECH uses low-cost, high impact strategies, like growing sunflower gardens, to bridge the gap between blight and redevelopment on vacant land creating a platform for productive reuse. By proactively engaging communities to plan, coordinate, and implement transitional strategies GTECH helps enable productive community assets.

Creating Green Jobs

GTECH assists in the development of green jobs by creating relevant and tangible access points to connect individuals from distressed and marginalized communities with education, training, and tangible employment opportunities in the green economy.

Applied Innovation

GTECH develops innovative programs, products and services, shares expertise through research, consulting, and projects, including vacant land revitalization efforts, reclaiming biofuel feedstock, seed packets, and fabricated soil.