1. Thank You!

    By: Sara Innamorato

    With your help we raised $18,627 during our year end fundraising campaign! Here are a few things to look forward […]

  2. An Ambassador Holiday Tale

    By: Sara Innamorato

    An Ambassador Holiday ‘Twas the eve of  December 10 and all through the venue, GTECH Ambassadors shuffled in, bearing dishes to add […]

  3. Blue State of Mind

    By: Katherine Chamberlain

    On November 13, 2014,  over 130 people came out to the Inspire Speaker Series event to hear Lisa Schroeder of […]

  4. Resilient Pittsburgh

    By: Andrew Butcher

    This week, The City of Pittsburgh joined The Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient City Network.  This means that The City will […]

  5. Hilltop residents taking action

    By: Sara Innamorato

    Hilltop community members know what it takes to reclaim vacant land. This past month we released a mini documentary that […]

  6. 3 Surprising Effects of Community Gardens

    By: Sara Innamorato

    A community garden is a wonderful idea for a vacant lot. The benefits outside of fresh produce, became very real […]

  7. Happy Book Lovers Day!

    By: Sara Innamorato

    The first Saturday of November is Book Lover’s Day! In honor of that we are encouraging you at attend an […]