GTECHer Spotlight: Bethany Bloise

By: Sara Innamorato

Get to know…Bethany Bloise

Role at GTECH: Marketing and Communications Intern (for a few more hours)

New Job: Community Outreach Specialist at the Mon Valley Initiative

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Alma Mater: West Virginia University

Favorite Animal: Groundhog (see picture for proof)

Favorite Burrito Topping: Refried Beans

What I love about GTECH’s approach to finding solutions to issues in the community is that they do it by empowering the community members to step up and take action themselves. There’s really no better way to revitalize a community, and I’m honored to be a part of that.

– Bethany

It takes a certain amount of passion (read: crazy) to leave a stable, well-paying job to pursue unpaid marketing work at a nonprofit. It seems to be a similar journey trekked by other employees here at the office. Perhaps, that is why Bethany fits in so well as a GTECH’er.

Like any true Pittsburgher, Bethany boomeranged back to the ‘Burgh after graduating with a degree in Public Relations from West Virginia University. It was then she began her career as a tech-savvy digital marketer at a small web design agency. Listening to that little voice in her head, coaxing her to change directions, she made a bold choice. This past winter, she left her job to try to break into the nonprofit world. Her first stop – GTECH.

Here at the office she worked with Sara, the Communication’s Specialist, to streamline and integrate our online content marketing strategies. She also put her event planning skills to the test as a Social Capital Council Member. She will be executing her event, Social Technovation 412, on May 21, which combines two of her interests, social causes and technological innovation.

Next week Bethany beings her journey as a Community Outreach Specialist at the Mon Valley Initiative. Although we are sad to see her go, we are excited that she is living the vision she set for herself just a few short months ago.

Sometimes listening to those voices does pay off.

Connect with Bethany

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