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ReFuel PGH is a waste-to-energy program that aims to reduce air and water pollution and help fuel local economies by recycling waste cooking oil into a cleaner burning fuel.

GTECH is transforming the economic and environmental liability of waste cooking oil (over 1 million gallons/year in Allegheny County) into biodiesel.  Waste cooking oil is a problem for our municipalities and our rivers. It clogs our pipes, causing ruptures and constricting our sewer system’s capacity during a storm event. Petroleum-diesel used in Pittsburgh is responsible for carcinogenic air pollution, climate change emissions and millions of dollars leaving our region and the country.

No Collection Too Big (or Small)

For Businesses

As of November 2013, GTECH has partnered with Green Light Biofuels to offer businesses a way to have their waste give back to the community and guarantee that all oil collected goes to the production of fuel. If you are interested in starting up or switching your service, or just looking for more information. Fill out this form.

Don’t throw an opportunity down the drain.

For Churches, Festivals, Schools and YOU!

We are currently collecting non-hydrogenated vegetable oils which are free of contaminants like water, large pieces of food, detergents and animal fats. You can either drop off the oil at one of our area locations or schedule a pick up with us, just call 412-361-2099 6# or drop us a line.

Scroll further to view a map of ReFuel Pgh’s public waste oil donation locations as well as locations of partner restaurants who recycle their waste oil with ReFuel Pgh.

View ReFuel Pgh Partners in a larger map

Whole Foods Market

Look for the big yellow ReFuel Pgh collection bin outside the front of the store. Please drop off your oil only during Whole Foods Market’s store hours, which can be found HERE. The market is located at 5880 Centre Avenue (see map below).

Frazier Farms

Located on the edge of South Oakland next to Dan Marino field at the corner of Dawson and Frazier Street. Walk in through the fenced in area, turn right and look for the big yellow ReFuel Pgh bin.

We are working hard to bring more waste oil drop-off sites to Pittsburgh so stay tuned..