Help Wanted: Must Have Gumption

Edward Abbey wrote that “Language makes a mighty loose net with which to go fishing.”  Well, I believe we are all in the business of fishing – for that reason “gumption” is perhaps the closest thing to a verbal harpoon that I can think of when describing the qualities I aspire for and consider necessary for effective leadership.

After 10 years of start-up, organizational growth, and evolution filled with countless moments of inspiration, joy, and gratitude, I am proud to announce the job posting for my successor as CEO of GTECH Strategies.  

You may not know what the name “GTECH” stands for.  (And no it’s not “Green Technology.”)  GTECH = Growth Through Energy & Community Health – how could you forget such a catchy acronym?  In some ways, the name harkens back to our founding strategy to reclaim vacant land by cultivating sunflowers (a biofuel crop) to improve soil and help create green jobs.  

But in essence, the name anchors our organizational belief that every community, and every under-utilized space has un-used – latent energy.  When that energy is unearthed through tangible and incremental actions and an inclusive process, it can fuel a process that can inspire, improve lives, and reinforce the realization of just how possible it is to change the world for the better.  For the social entrepreneurial, community development nerds out there think:  Asset Based Community Development + Positive Deviance + Little Bets.  (If you have ever heard me talk about the #socialentreprenurialburrito – those are the ingredients.)  

And so, it is in that spirit, that I – and the rest of the GTECH team – are seeking to cultivate new energy and leadership for the next chapter of organizational growth.  Thankfully, the organization is in the best financial, operational, and programmatic position it has ever been in with a highly capable team, an engaged Board, a solid strategic framework, a clear role of leadership in the community, and multiple years of secured funding, and the time is right for a transition from founding leadership.

The next few years for GTECH are going to be incredibly dynamic as the organization seeks to help make the Pittsburgh Region the most innovative and effective in the country in transitioning underutilized land into opportunities for community and environmental health.  In the coming year alone we will be: launching a new mobile tool trailer; offering focused technical assistance to dozens of communities throughout the County to reduce blight; helping advance a regional environmental justice agenda; equipping residents from Clairton to The Hill District to reclaim vacant land; preparing communities to invest in green stormwater infrastructure; and celebrating our 10 year anniversary to boot.  

Our momentum is gaining and our energy is spirited.  Won’t you join us?  In the very least – help us celebrate the Entrepreneurial Spirit this coming Saturday (9.17) from 6-9 @ Wigle Whiskey


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  1. The same thinking is gaining traction in Washington county. Thanks to to effort of Jason White and the Marianna Outdoorsmen Association “MOA”.

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