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ReClaim South Ambassador Project: St. Joseph’s Garden

Program Area: Ambassador Project, ReClaim

Topic: Vacant Land

Year: 2014, Current

Neighborhood: St. Clair

Parent Project:

About the Project

This site, located at the intersection of St. Joseph Street and Ormsby Street, is one of three gateways that provides a beautiful welcome to those entering the Hilltop. The site is planted with perennial wildflowers. John plans to expand the plantings in future years down the hill.

“ If we are able to take a vacant property and just reinvent it – make it nice – maybe that can be contagious and get the ball rolling. People will begin to think, “What can I do to my house or my yard?” That’s what I hope – that this thing can just spur some interest and pride of ownership.”

— John Niederberger – ReClaim South Ambassador, St. Clair

St. Joseph Street and Ormsby st


john final

John's vision for a garden that welcomes people to his neighborhood

The site before reclamation

GTECH Ambassadors and friends planted native perennials on the site.

Flowers at the site will provide food for pollinating insects.