About Us

Leslie Boone

ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassador



“I believe in participating in the full health of our neighborhood- spiritually, physically, economically, psychologically and environmentally.”

About Me.

I was born in Homewood, although I have lived in Hazelwood for many years. I am a renaissance woman. I seek knowledge, whether it is learning a new language or a new instrument, or perfecting a new software program and then teaching it to someone. Day to day, you will find me leading bible study, photo journaling, prayer walking, in church, out of church, or around one of my four communities meeting with ‘the people’. Hazelwood has undergone a lot of recent development, but Hazelwoodians are full of pride and will continue to make Hazelwood a model community for others to follow.

What is your favorite place in your community?

The one way section on Kilbourne Street. It is awesome to feel like you’re in the country, smack dab in the middle of Hazelwood.

What would you like others to know about your neighborhood?

Hazelwood is a force to be reckoned with in many ways. We have been at the bottom, but we didn’t stay down. We have pride in being Hazelwoodians, and we WILL get the exit signs on I-376 to say so! We ARE the future of MODEL neighborhoods to represent the City of Pittsburgh!

What does community mean to you?

Community means diverse folks coming together on (most) issues, loving one another in spite of their differences, bringing out the best of everyone and representing!