About Us

Linda Wallen

ReClaim Northside Ambassador/Mentor

“Apathy is a huge challenge in our community and exciting projects are (I think) a way of budging people out of their busy inertia. Once something is changing for the better people seem to come out and take a look and get involved.”

About Me

I came to Pittsburgh by way of New Orleans and have been painting portraits for a living most of my life. The last few years I have also been teaching French and Spanish to young children at Carlow’s lab school. I live in two houses with my actor-husband and have put 8 mosaic murals in my neighborhood. My daughter Casey (former GTECH Ambassador) used to be known as Linda Wallen’s daughter and now I am known as Casey Droege’s Mom!

What is your favorite place in your neighborhood?

The lot across from the Old Firehouse where the mural about Spring Hill’s history is located. I sometimes sit there for hours and talk to everyone who walks by.

What does community mean to you?

Mutual and enduring relationships.


→Read about Linda’s vacant lot project by clicking here.