For the Love of Lots!

By: Sara Innamorato

With only a few days left until Valentines Day, it’s hard not to feel that love is in the air. This week the Center for Community Progress is asking you to share the love and give recognition to those battling blight and vacancy in their community by posting photos of your favorite transformed vacant lots.  It’s easy to participate, just follow these instructions from their website:

Between now and Valentine’s Day, use #LoveThatLot on Twitter and Facebook to share photos of your favorite formerly vacant lots that have been transformed into something downright lovable.

Below we shared a few of our favorite lovable lots from over the years. Let’s show them that #Pittsburgh has a lot to love around here – start sharing your photos today!

Chitra B
Chitra A
Cheryl B
Cheryl A

Before: Vacant Lot in East Liberty next door to the Sojourner House in 2008.

After: Renewed play yard in 2013.

After: The neighborhood kids love the tires.

Before: This lot stood vacant next to Linda's home for years.

After: Linda and the Library transformed it into a garden in August of 2014.

Before: A vacant space in Mt. Oliver.

After: With the help from the entire Bhutanese community, the site transformed into a gathering space and community garden.

Before: This lot stood vacant next to Cheryl's church.

After: Cheryl turned it into a peaceful space and food for her congregation.

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