Manchester Growing Together Garden

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Project Description:

The Manchester Growing Together Garden has been going strong for 3 years now thanks to the support of GTECH and through the City of Pittsburgh Green Up program. However, there is still more assistance needed for the garden. They have never had a new mower and the garden would like to continue hosting the Manchester neighborhood’s Light Up Night and could use some assistance purchasing the supplies for that event! This garden is a huge asset in the community and your contribution will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Lisa’s Budget:

Seedlings for 2015 Growing Season – $100.00

An assortment of colorful and delicious veggies that will produce throughout the 2015 growing season.

Self propelled recycling lawn mower with bag – $430.00

The garden stewards have repurposed multiple “found” mowers in the past and we want to make sure they have one that will last them for quite some time!

Holiday decorations – $600.00

The community asked to have the 2013 Light Up Night at the garden and they would like to continue that tradition this year but need some decorations to make the event a huge success!

Gas powered generator – $500.00

The generator will be instrumental in not only Light Up Night but with future community events that will occur at the garden.

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