About Us

Matthew Yurkovich

ReClaim Northside Ambassador

“I love where I live and want to reclaim a vacant lot. The idea of ecological restoration is of great interest to me and I think greenspace is very important to a neighborhood’s health.”

About Me.

I spend much of my time outdoors both in my professional and personal life. I enjoy fitness challenges, spending time with my dog, gardening, cooking, biking and reading. I love the Northside and am very excited to be in this program. I’m a member of Brighton Height’s garden and greenspace committee. I believe in clean air and water for everyone and try to live a clean life.

What is your favorite place in your neighborhood?

I love the end of my block on Harbison Avenue. It connects to a trail that leads to Riverview Park and some ballfields. I’ve recently added a trail sign and a small garden to the trailhead.

What does community mean to you?

Being able to count on your neighbor and having a shared interest in where you live. When people realize they can help others by caring for where they live, it makes everything better.

→Learn about Matthew’s vacant lot project by clicking here.