One Northside Asset Inventory Mapping (AIM)

Program Area: ReClaim

Topic: Community Engagement, Data Collection

Year: 2015

Neighborhood: Northside

The goal of the One Northside Asset Inventory Mapping Effort (AIM) was to create an entire Northside asset inventory and map that will inform the planning and design of an inter-neighborhood connectivity system. This system will link identified neighborhood assets, such as historical sites, gardens, parklets and other uniquely Northside landmarks.

A key component of the One Northside AIM project was the creation of a collaborative student workforce between three of the region’s academic institutions. During Spring and Summer 2015,  GTECH managed the efforts of 11 students– seven graduate students from Chatham University’s Falk School of Sustainability, two landscape architecture students from Penn State University, and two graduate policy and urban design graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University Students. Additional project support was provided by 4 previous Northside Ambassadors whom were re-engaged as Community Mentors for this effort.

Food City Gardner in Northside

Neighborhood assets to be mapped include historical sites, buildings, parklets, public art and community gardens, like Food City (pictured here).

Student researchers worked in interdisciplinary teams to develop and execute strategies for communications, community engagement, research, field data collection, analysis, and development of final products. Some key results of the project include: almost 1800 assets collected, over 300 community members and stakeholders engaged via meetings, events, and pop up data collection events, 22 maps, an online interactive GIS map of the data, and a website to share all of the project data and products.



“The 18 Northside neighborhoods have much more to offer beyond the established North Shore attractions. With the AIM project, we are ensuring that residents have a say in what they deem as important to their neighborhood, whether it be housing stock or the garden down the block. This holistic view of Northside offerings will help ensure the inclusiveness and connectedness of future planning and development efforts.”

— Diana Bucco, Buhl Foundation

901 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Northside AIM Picnic
Northside AIM Picnic

A ReClaim Northside Ambassador, Linda Wallen, making note of an asset on the Northside.

The AIM fellows spent much of their summer learning from Northside residents.