About Us

Our Mission

Growth Through Energy and Community Health (GTECH) works with people to transition land use liabilities into community assets and improve the economic, social, and environmental health of our communities.

We Work Hard. We Have Catch Phrases. We Are Really Into Burritos…

Here at GTECH, we are inspired and honored by the work we get to do alongside community members and partners throughout Allegheny County. Community Development is hard, but we make sure there is plenty of room for fun!
We live across from a local brewery (score!), our strategy meetings have burritos front-and-center, we encourage the pursuit of innovative ideas, our office has tactically hidden sugar packets around and we consider each other to be family.

  • We believe in the Green Economy.
  • We believe that it takes a village of partners to improve our city.
  • We believe change starts with one person, one idea, and one’s ability to see it through.
  • We believe that work is more meaningful when it is done in a spirit of partnership and collaboration.
  • We believe that a lot of small efforts collectively lead to big change.
  • We believe that ownership of an issue is the first step in finding solutions.
  • We believe that the process of improving places is an economic driver.
  • We believe energy efficient homes result in a better quality of life — health, safety, and comfort.
  • We believe in a green economic evolution, not revolution.
  • We believe nothing is wasted unless we allow it.
  • We believe that community development is tough, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Oh yea, what’s the deal with the burrito?

We believe that when you mix unlikely ingredients together (like vacant land, alternative energy and social enterprise) and wrap them up – you get a flavorful package of impact.  (We call this “The Social Entrepreneurial Burrito” – well mostly Andrew does.)