Pittsburgh Day of Giving 2014

By: Sara Innamorato

This year The Pittsburgh Foundation switched up the invariably fall giving campaign to this spring – May 6, 2014.

Even though it hasn’t been a full year we’ve been up to a thing or two:

  • Trained 10 new Ambassadors in the Hilltop neighborhoods, who together will be turning 12 vacant lots into productive green spaces, including a life-sized checker’s board
  • Recycled 741 gallons of waste cooking oil used community-based Lenten Fish Frys
  • Launched a brand new project, where GTECH is giving away $10,000 to homeowners throughout Allegheny County to help make homes healthy and use less energy


As you can see we are passionate about the problems that fall through the cracks.  These are problems that don’t amount to a whole lot on an individual basis – but they amount to HUGE challenges when aggregated.  That’s why vacant land use, energy use, and waste management are such priorities for us. We believe it is the process of pursuing solutions to these problems that creates new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and even community health.

Any amount helps – your small part helps us make a big impact.

Here are some things that we have planned for the next 6 months:

  • Recruit 20 community residents for 2 more Ambassador programs starting in Fall 2014.
  • Recycle another 550 gallons of oil from local summer festivals and events.
  • Sign up 50 homeowners to receive energy audits.


Please visit today in continuation of your support of GTECH. Contributions between $25 and 1,000 will be partially matched by the The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Thank you!

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