Pittsburgh LocalData Collaborative

Program Area: Innovation

Topic: Data Collection

Year: 2013, 2014, 2015, Current

Neighborhood: Allegheny County

News/Press Coverage

Community-driven Data in Pittsburgh

LocalData Blog | November 26, 2013


In 2013 GTECH began testing new technologies as a way to streamline and standardize place-based data collection. We soon found that we weren’t alone on the hunt for open, standardized, up-to-date data. This led us to connect with other community development and environmental organizations, as well as academic and governmental institutions to form the Pittsburgh LocalData Collaborative (PLDC). The PLDC is a collaborative effort dedicated to making real-time decisions that improve our communities based on accurate and timely data that is open and accessible to everyone.

As facilitator of the group, GTECH is responsible for:
  • standardizing surveys
  • simplifying the data collection processes
  • developing training materials
  • promoting open dialogue around public data
  • sharing best practices


As a member of the PLDC, each organization:
  • gains access to the LocalData platform for their own unique use
  • has a say in the standardization of themed surveys
  • gets unlimited data collection and access to other’s surveys templates
  • is provided with assistance with the deployment of your data collection campaign



Are you an organization interested in joining us? Fill out the form below and our project manager, James Snow will contact you within 48 hours.



LocalData is working with GTECH to change the practices of community-led data collection into a more seamless coordinated effort across geographies and institutional partners. With easy-to-use web tools, non-profits, universities and governments can share information between partners and across place.

— Alicia Rouault, CEO and co-founder of LocalData



A Northside resident evaluates a vacant lot's condition.

Surveys are standard and can be recorded on a smart phone or tablet device.