Play in the Bouquet

Program Area: Ambassador Project, ReClaim

Topic: Vacant Land

Year: 2015

Neighborhood: McKeesport

Parent Project:

Project Updates

The site as of July.

News/Press Coverage

McKeesport to get overhaul via 9 beautification projects.

TribLIVE |April 22, 2015

With the help of her son, Kim Brownfield-Perkins has been caring for four vacant properties on her street for the past 6 years. She is excited to bring her skills and experience to her site on the corner of Bouquet and Grant streets. The site is full of rubble, and home to the foundation of an old garage – which might intimidate some people – but not Kim.

After asking her neighbors, she discovered that the residents would like to see a community gathering space and a safe place for youth to play. She strives to create that space for her community. As of now her site will also include seating, lighting and plenty of colorful flowers (thus the name of the space). Kim hopes to add pay equipment and a pavilion in the near future.

“The kids in my neighborhood were so excited to see this project.”

— Kim Brownfield-Perkins, ReClaim McKeesport Ambassador

1442 Grant Street, McKeesport, PA 15132, USA

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Kim design

Kim and her son have been maintaining these lots for years.

Kim is going to bring color and life to this vacant space.

Kim can't wait to get started on her project!

Kim and Jibran collecting hostas from a neighbor!

Topsoil being delivered to Kim's site in June.

Kim after trimming the tree on her site.

ReClaiming bricks to line Kim's sidewalk.

Hank and Jibran laying bricks.

A freshly planted bed of hostas.

Volunteers after a hard day of work.