Green Playces Initiative

Two important conclusions came out of the 2014 Youth in Green report. First, we learned that communities with the most amount of vacant, blighted land have little-to-no environmentally-focused youth educational activities. Second, green space in close proximity to existing youth facilities is important. The absence of it perpetuates a deep disconnect between youth and their physical environment. Using these conclusions, GTECH designed the Green Playces program to take action against blight, connect young people to fun, open green spaces, and use those spaces as a platform for environmental education.

Beginning in the spring of 2015, GTECH designed and built Green Playces with support from residents and partners in two neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh. Starting in the spring of 2016, GTECH designed and is building four additional Green Playces on sites throughout Allegheny County. The projects and programming will conclude in fall 2016. Green Playces include outdoor classrooms, outdoor kitchens, or play spaces incorporating green infrastructure based on community input and design.