The GTECH Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Project uses green solutions to address pressing stormwater issues and community needs. We seek to understand the types of GSI features desired in communities and how they can be used to create vibrant community spaces while reducing stormwater runoff.

In a combined sewer system, waste water flushed from our homes and businesses mixes with rainwater flowing into our storm drains.

The water travels in a single pipe headed to the sewage treatment plant. When it rains, these pipes can fill to capacity, causing a mix of stormwater and sewage to overflow into our rivers and streams.

If less stormwater enters the system, overflows diminish, and fewer pollutants are able to enter our waterways.

The goal of the GTECH GSI project is to reduce the amount of combined sewer overflows occurring while also achieving community co-benefits.

This is achieved by using green solutions to capture stormwater while creating valuable community green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

For more information about the GTECH GSI project, please read our Project Overview.

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