ReClaim Central Ambassadors ’17

We have successfully selected our ReClaim Central Ambassador Cohort.  From January to October of 2017, these individuals, called Ambassadors, will meet for classes and workshops to learn about the impacts of vacant land on communities in the Hill District, and think about transforming vacant lots in ways that benefit their community.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2017, the Ambassador cohort will be able to make their ideas come to life. Participants will use what they have learned in the classroom to build a series of projects on vacant lots throughout the neighborhood. 

1. Louise Powe

2. Gail Felton

3.Brenda Toley

4.Pamela Walker

5.Tamaira Binion

6.Phyllis Ghafoor

7.Cherly Larry

8.Willie Larry

9.Shamaiia Watkins

10.Rhonda Lockett

11. Ta’sean Fields