Resilience Generation (ReGen) Resources

Resilient communities are comprised of both strong social networks and accessible resources enabling residents to address both chronic and acute shocks that may affect their health and well-being. For this reason, GTECH continues to build resources to aid communities in improving community health. Our entry point into vulnerable communities remains primarily vacant land but includes other land use issues and need for capacity building with partners. 

Beginning in Fall 2016 through June 2019, GTECH will offer a range of custom interventions in partnership with 24 organizations working toward improving community health through our people and places approach. GTECH will provide technical assistance and direct financial support through, targeted land use interventions, strategic data collection, community capacity building and ongoing partner collaboration in the effort to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities.

Community awards will range from $5 – 30k of direct and indirect resources. Direct support may include stipends, mobile technology, hardscape and software materials, and educational opportunities. Indirect support will include matched staff time, data collection and analysis, design support, education and training, inclusive and facilitated community planning, and project implementation.

Communities will be selected through a range of criteria in terms of existing capacity, alignment with broader community plans, alignment with priority partner geographic and issue areas, the ability to leverage efforts, among other to be determined criteria.

ReGen Application

To be considered for the current round of Resilience Generation resources, please apply by December 1, 2017. Future applications will be due in March, June, and September 2018.