ReClaim Northside Ambassador featured in Next Pittsburgh

By: Sara Innamorato

Cynthia Mendoza, founder of Brown Mamas and the Ambassador behind the A Place for Moms: Welcoming Corner project  is featured in Next Pittsburgh this week.

Cynthia stands on her lot. What was once a overgrown bus-stop will become a beautiful garden and reading spot.

Cynthia has been working hard for her Northside community of Observatory Hill. Not only is she is the process of repurposing a city-owned vacant lot for use as a community garden through the ReClaim Northside program, she is working on running her own nonprofit, Brown Mamas, while balancing the demands of motherhood. When her garden is completed this summer, she hopes to hold in-person how-tos for other moms in the neighborhood that include classes from sewing to cooking.

At some point I want to make it a space [A Place for Moms: Welcome Corner] where we can hold stuff for moms—a space where we can all feel like we’re being included in something greater than ourselves. I want to make it a space where moms can come to do everything as simple as just coming to have a day with their kids and do some gardening with their kids and then also to be able to offer basic gardening classes.

Cynthia Mendoza

Read the full Next Pittsburgh article here >>

GTECH is so proud of you Cynthia!

Cynthia is currently fundraising for her vacant lot project. Help her meet her goal of $1992 by June 15!

Make a donation today >>


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