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ReClaim South Ambassador Project: Little Free Libraries

Program Area: Ambassador Project

Topic: Vacant Land

Year: 2014

Neighborhood: Allentown, Beltzhoover, Knoxville, South, South Side Slopes, St. Clair

Parent Project:

About the Project

The Little Free Library  is a national movement, where communities plant covered boxes full of books where residents can “take a book, return a book”. Working with the other Ambassadors and considering public transit lines, David will install five different boxes on four Ambassador project sites and one on a Western Pennsylvania Conservancy garden. His vision is that bus commuters will be able to peruse the selection before taking their trip on the bus. It is also a great way to discover your neighbors’ tastes in books.

“I think people in my neighborhood are getting a little bit nervous about the future – about whether this neighborhood is changing. I think a lot of people are worried there’s going to be gentrifying…How will we make sure that everybody gets to share in the rewards that are going to come?”

David Totten

ReClaim South Ambassador, Southside Slopes

Josephine St & Barry St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

215 Estella Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA

871 Climax Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA

416 Orchard Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA

412-424 Mountain Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA


Cheryl with Little Free Library

Dave works on the Little Free Library for The Beltzhoover Unified Positive Effect Garden

Red Phone Booth Little Free Library

Ambassadors Cheryl and Dave worked together to build a Little Free Library on her site.

Dave's neighbor, Dennis, helps him out with a post for the Little Free Library

Barry Street Gateway Little Free Library

Dave filling the Barry Street Gateway Garden library with books.


  • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy