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Mitra and Chitra's vision for a space within the Mt. Oliver Community Garden

The site before reclamation

Volunteers prepared wood slabs with English and Nepali names of vegetables to accommodate Bhutanese refugees who frequent the garden.

Carrot : गाजर

Volunteers work to build a children's play area on the site.

Volunteers build a pergola to provide shade for the site.

Volunteers build a pergola to provide shade for the site.

A volunteer paints a chalkboard for the site.

Building a children's picnic table

Building a children's picnic table

An approving smile for some good handiwork

Ambassador Chitra paints the picnic table.

The children's play-space coming together

Learn a new language!



john final

John's vision for a garden that welcomes people to his neighborhood

The site before reclamation

GTECH Ambassadors and friends planted native perennials on the site.

Flowers at the site will provide food for pollinating insects.


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 9.28.08 AM
Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.46.35 PM
Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.47.27 PM

Suzanne's vision includes a usable, giant checkerboard.

The vacant lot used to be a gas station.

Two chess/checker tables are on the site.

The site encourages neighbors to gather and play a game or two of cornhole.



patti final (1)
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IMG_20140626_121047 (1)

Patti's vision for a new green space in her home of Mt. Oliver

The site before reclamation

Patti and volunteers work on the site

Ambassadors John and Patti look on in stern-faced approval of a job well done.


Linda's Design
Linda_Garden (1)

After: Linda and the Library transformed it into a garden in August of 2014.

Before: This lot stood vacant next to Linda's home for years.

Linda's vision for her site, located behind the Knoxville Library.

Members of Voices Against Violence, a Hilltop-based organization, have worked hard to make the 30/32 Grape Street Garden beautiful.

Members of Voices Against Violence, a Hilltop-based organization, have worked hard to make the 30/32 Grape Street Garden beautiful.

Linda shows off her garden.

Bikers visited Linda's site during the Two Wheels Lots of Green event.


Cara Vision for her space
10446178_749853115067071_8605564665289987775_o (1)
10333333_749853018400414_4915015401824377350_o (1)

Cara's vision for this space

The site before reclamation

Volunteers braved a rainy day to begin improving the entrance to the Knoxville Incline Trail.

Rainy work days make volunteers a bit silly.

About the Project

From 1890 to 1960, the Knoxville Incline served as a connector between the South Side Flats and the hilltop. In 2011, a mural was added at the intersection of Brosville and East Warrington Avenue to remember the historic site. There is a foot trail accessible off of Brosville Street which leads to the Welsh Way stairs and Fritz Street – which both connect to the South Side Flats. 

This project’s will highlight and the entrance and will replace the existing graffiti tagged jersey barriers with natural boulders. The Old Knoxville Incline Trail Project will use a mix of native and locally-sourced perennials, trees and other plantings to highlight the entrance and will make use of existing jersey barriers by painting them. The site has a natural clearing spot that provides scenic views of Downtown Pittsburgh that will be beautified with seating. The historic bridge which is fading in color will be cleaned and painted.


Melanie's Design for Site
IMG_20140614_112137 (1)

Melanie's vision for the trail enterance

The site before reclamation

Volunteers clean up the entrance of the Emerald View Park Trail

Volunteers pose in front of their handiwork


Cheryl's design for her project
Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.45.31 PM
IMG_20140729_134945 (2)
Cheryl with Little Free Library
IMG_20140729_135036 (1)
IMG_3010 (1)

The site before reclamation

The site after reclamation

Ambassadors Cheryl and Dave worked together to build a Little Free Library on her site.

Garden bed built by Wilderness Lumber Company

Ambassador Cheryl watering the vegetables

Voices Against Violence participants volunteering at the site


gordon final (1)
IMG_20140730_190214 (1)
IMG_20140730_190315 (1)
IMG_20140730_193149 (1)

Gordon's plan for this space.

The site contained only a few trees before Gordon's project.

Gordon and volunteers prepare soil for planting.

6 raised beds were built on the site and will provide free, nutritious treats to neighborhood kids.

A Voices Against Violence participant, Amir, uses extreme concentration to measure out berry trellises.

Gordon and Bullo pose with their squash plant.


Cheryl with Little Free Library

Dave works on the Little Free Library for The Beltzhoover Unified Positive Effect Garden

Red Phone Booth Little Free Library

Ambassadors Cheryl and Dave worked together to build a Little Free Library on her site.

Dave's neighbor, Dennis, helps him out with a post for the Little Free Library

Barry Street Gateway Little Free Library

Dave filling the Barry Street Gateway Garden library with books.

ReClaim South