Our Programs


ReEnergize PGH is a coordinated effort of over 40 organizations to reduce overall home energy consumption throughout Allegheny County.

We are a coalition of local government agencies, energy efficiency professionals, utilities, and environmental and community organizations working to increase the demand for energy efficiency through partnerships, education and advocacy.

Why ReEnergize?

Environmental Benefits

Home energy use emits twice as many greenhouse gases over the course of year as a gas guzzling car. If we begin to adopt energy efficiency practices, such as investing in Energy Star appliances or home retrofits, cumulatively we have the power to reduce the overall energy demand in the United States by 20%, according to the EPA. Think of it this way: imagine you have a bucket with holes in it. Regardless of whether you fill it with water from the bathtub of the finest bottled H2O, it is still going to leak out of the sides. The same goes for your home – energy gets to our home from various sources – coal, natural gas, wind, but once it is there, it all doesn’t get used by your home – it leaks out of the sides (along with some other type of green).

Job Creation

It is kind of simple. If more homeowners invest in residential energy upgrades or government support policies that grow the need for home retrofits, contractors must hire more people. Not only that, but it will increase the need for materials for the home upgrades. On top of that, the initial investment will result in utility savings over the years; therefore, putting more money in your pocket. Read more about how energy efficiency creates jobs here.

Healthy Neighbors, Healthy You

We all know that Pittsburgh is an amazing place to live — we are the city of champions, after all. One title that we aren’t so thrilled with – the Pittsburgh region has the worst air quality east of the Rocky Mountains according to the EPA. Worse still is that this air is trapped in our homes, inviting all kinds of nasty things, like mold growth to take over.