ReEnergize Pgh Energy Efficiency Challenge

Program Area: Ambassador Project, ReEnergize

Topic: Community Engagement, Data Collection, Education & Training, Energy Efficiency

Year: 2014, 2015, Current

Neighborhood: Hazelwood, Homewood, Millvale

Parent Project:

Research indicates that neighbor to neighbor comparison and competition leads to observable reduction in energy use.  The ReEnergize Pgh Energy Efficiency Challenge pitted three communities against each other in a race to conserve energy.


Throughout the winter of 2014, the Pittsburgh City neighborhoods of Hazelwood, Homewood and Millvale Borough participated in the energy efficiency challenge. Each community had three Ambassadors charged with recruiting homes to participate in the competition. The teams competed not only to get the largest number of homes to sign up for the competition but also for the highest energy savings during the competition. The competition measured energy used between December 21, 2014 and March 21, 2015, and compare it to the same period 2013-2014.

A community-based prize will be offered to the neighborhood that achieved the most energy savings in June of 2015. The goal of the program is to encourage energy reduction and behavior change through friendly competition and sustained community-based education.

Project Goal

Engage 300 participatory households between the three neighborhoods for energy efficiency competition.


  1. Competition

    During the winter, Ambassadors educated participating neighbors on how to conserve energy. The community that reduced the most combined household energy usage compared to the prior year will win a green space for the neighborhood.

  2. Data Collection

    Ambassadors collected energy usage information from participants throughout the winter.  This will inform a greater level of community energy planning.

“The neighborhood competition is an interesting way to involve community residents and get them excited about reducing their energy usage.”

— -Rhonda Sears — ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassador, Homewood

Homewood, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Millvale, PA, United States

Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, PA, United States