ReEnergize Pgh Program

Program Area: ReEnergize

Topic: Community Engagement, Education & Training

Year: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Neighborhood: Allegheny County

Founded in 2012, the ReEnergize Pgh is comprised of local government agencies, energy efficiency professionals, utilities, and environmental and community organizations, and residents working to increase the demand for energy efficiency through partnerships, education and advocacy.

The ReEnergize Pgh Coalition is a collaboration of 60 members representing a variety of interest groups dedicated to reducing CO2 in the air, increasing comfort in residents’ homes and creating jobs in the energy efficiency field. Since 2012, the Coalition has served as a platform for coordinating local residential energy efficiency policy, programs and practice. Coalition efforts have yielded recommendations to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission regarding Act 129, increased industry standards for information sharing and built capacity for small business growth.

To complement the Coalition’s efforts, a resident-driven energy efficiency program was also put into place– the ReEnergize Pgh Ambassador Program. Through this program, GTECH has hosted 28 ReEnergize Ambassadors from 17 diverse communities across Allegheny County since 2013. Using community organizing tactics, the Ambassadors reached more than 10,000 unique households with information on energy conservation and efficiency. Most recently, three communities took part in the region’s first energy efficiency neighborhood competition, engaging a combined total of 100 households that reduced energy use by approximately 12%. In addition, 16 community-based organizations received focused residential energy efficiency action plans for energy conservation as it relates to the community’s vision.

ReEnergize Pittsburgh Infographic

For a full list of ReEnergize Pgh activities from 2012-2015, click here.

In June 2015 the ReEnergize Pgh transferred ownership. Responsibility for ReEnergize Pgh, both the  community
program and the Coalition, transferred from GTECH Strategies to Conservation Consultants, Inc. (CCI), a local leader in the residential energy efficiency field.

The Green Economy in Pittsburgh

video by Green for All

ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassadors 2015
Energy Efficiency Educational Tools.
Bloomfield Energy Blitz

The 2014-2015 cohort of ReEnergize Pgh Ambassadors

Energy saving tools were given to residents who attended education sessions.

Residents were invited to attend education sessions.

With a partnership with Penn Future, over 800 bags of energy saving goodies were delivered to residents' doorsteps.