ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassadors 2014-2015

The Program

Do you live in Hazelwood, Homewood or Millvale?  Are you an active community volunteer or organizer? Are you interested in energy efficiency? Are you interested in making community outreach fun? If you answered yes, you should consider becoming a ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassador!

Each neighborhood will have a team of three Ambassadors who will conduct grassroots outreach in their communities for neighborhood vs. neighborhood energy efficiency competition. Between December 21st, and March 21st, the neighborhood that reduces the most energy through the competition will win a public green space.  Ambassadors may receive up to a $2,000 stipend for their work over a period of 7 months. Interested? Apply below!  Applications are due on September 15th  accepted  for the Millvale neighborhood only until September 22!

Why Energy Efficiency?

More than half of the homes in Pittsburgh were built over 70 years ago. Since then, building standards have changed and we have learned more about energy efficiency. These changes do more than just reduce energy though, they also improve our quality of life.

  • Comfort – An energy efficient house can become a more comfortable home. Less cold air coming into the home  during the winter, and less heat during the summer means increased comfort all year long.
  • Health & Safety – A sealed and ventilated home may prevent cold drafts and moisture issues, both of which can lead to negative health impacts for us our families.
  • Savings – Simple energy saving behaviors such as turning off the lights, and turning down the heat can mean more money in our wallets to spend on the things we want.
  • Environment – The more energy we use, the more coal and gas we burn, leading to pollution.  If Pittsburgh houses use 10% less energy, we can reduce over 40,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide and other pollutants from entering our air.  We would need a forest the size of Pittsburgh to offset that amount of Carbon Dioxide.

Who are Ambassadors?

They are people who care deeply about their community, want to know how to become leaders, and put their ideas into action. Ambassadors come from all walks of life and are eager to learn from and support others in their cohort. They are interested in helping their neighbors learn more about energy efficiency in order to help improve their community.

“My role as the ReEnergize Ambassador makes me proud to represent my community. I am helping my friends, family, business associates, volunteer partners and more…”

ReEnergize Pgh 2013 Ambassador, Rhonda Sears

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