Route 51 Green Blvd

Program Area: ReClaim

Topic: Data Collection, Stormwater, Vacant Land

Year: Current

Neighborhood: South

In Winter 2015-Spring 2016, GTECH worked with Economic Development South (EDS) to identify land to serve as an established greenway, protecting and improving land for a variety of open space uses along Route 51 and Saw Mill Run. The long-term vision for this project is to create a Green Boulevard to improve the environmental, social, and economic health of the corridor.

GTECH’s role in the creation of the Route 51 Green Boulevard was to develop and apply a decision making matrix to identify priority parcels for inclusion in the greenway. Criteria such as flooding history, property condition, proximity to greenways, trails, and parks, and property value were used to gain a comprehensive understanding of each parcel. Input from over 140 stakeholders was used to inform the creation of the matrix, ultimately determining the importance of criteria used to identify suitable properties. Next, we collected primary data such as property condition and stream accessibility. Finally, the matrix was applied to 451 properties in the study area to identify priority parcels to support the long term vision and also understand which of those parcels are best suited for more immediate action. 

EDS is currently working with a variety of partners such as the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE),
the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA), and its member municipalities on parallel efforts to manage stormwater, reduce the impacts of flooding, and improve the health of the Saw Mill Run Watershed. GTECH is excited to be part of these innovative efforts to improve our region’s urban ecology.



West End, Pittsburgh, PA, United States