Star Meditation Garden

Program Area: Ambassador Project, ReClaim

Topic: Vacant Land

Year: 2015, Current

Neighborhood: Northside, Perry South

Parent Project:

News/Press Coverage

North Siders reclaiming vacant lots with designs for community

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 27,2015

Angela’s street in Perry South has been surrounded by overgrown, empty lots for many years. She had a role in the transformation of other empty lots in her neighborhood in the past, but hadn’t yet attempted to take on the lot next to her home. After her sister, Starla, passed away unexpectedly in November of 2014, Angela decided to transform the lot next to her home into a beautiful space that would be dedicated to her sister. It will be called the Star Meditation Garden in her honor.

Angela’s design focuses on creating a space as she puts it, “where life grows, and peace rests”. It will include a pathway into the lot, garden beds, a yoga area, a picnic table and a small pond. She will also invite the energetic neighborhood kids into the space for yoga and meditation practice.

Perry South has many older residents who remember the neighborhood 40 years ago and want to see positive change in regards to vacant land and disengaged adults and youth. They are frustrated with the current climate and uncertain about what to do to solve current social and economic problems in the community.

— Angela Williams, ReClaim Northside Ambassador

2445 Snyder Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15214, USA

Angela Clean Design
Front Hillside
Star Meditation Garden
The Star Meditation Garden is Complete!

The lot is weedy and overgrown.

Like many other lots, this one once held a house.

The design for the lot features a star shape in the center of the space.

Corner benches for the star

digging in deep for planting the hillside

Start theme

Prepping the back wall for the mural


Front Hillside

Star Meditation Garden


The Star Meditation Garden is Complete!