About Us

Tonisha Fawcett

ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassador



“I am aware that there is a need for change in the way that we use resources, not just energy but many resources. Our lives have been built in such a way that we don’t value them nearly as much as we should. ” 

About Me.

I am a resident of Pittsburgh’s East End. I attend the Community College of Allegheny County with the hope of pursuing a degree in nursing. After I graduate I intend to practice homeopathic medicine. With profound interest in community improvement, and the continuous mentorship of passionate, respected community leaders, I have been able to lend a helping hand in a number of the up-and-coming initiatives concerning the betterment of Homewood and its future. My newest endeavor is the New Coalition. I am very excited about the passion in the people that I am working and building this with! When I am not engaged in school and community work,  I am making time for my wonderful family, friends, and my BFF Roxci (she’s my dog). I’m also working on building an eco-friendly bow tie line.

What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was when I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the world and began taking the necessary steps to do so — unapologetically, I might add.

How has your community changed since you’ve lived there?

I grew up in Homewood and watched its many transitions as I entered into adolescence. After high school I left for a few years and recently moved back, only to relight a much larger flame of passion in my heart for Homewood. I realize that my community has largely shaped who I am, and I will continue to invest until it’s back and better than ever!

What excited you most about being a ReEnergize Ambassador?

The fact that I get to represent a truly innovative, local mission is the most exciting part. I am also energized to be in a place where I can learn so much information that will be transferable into other aspects of my life. I’m thrilled to interact with cool people who are a part of my team, the ReEnergize program and Homewood community residents, who are the very people that have been witnessing me grow into the passionate community representative I am today!