There are lots (and lots) of vacant lots to love in Pittsburgh

By: Sara Innamorato

A New Tool Aims to Help Communities Reclaim Vacant lots throughout the Pittsburgh region.

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In honor of Earth Day, GTECH, along with the Greenspace Alliance and the City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning are launching – a brand-new, web-based tool that is the starting point for communities and resident to reclaim vacant lots in their neighborhoods.

Here are few of the features of the site.

  • an interactive map that is populated from traditional data sets as well as crowdsourced information
    from website users
  • a discussion section where residents can share their ideas for a space or post completed vacant lot
  • a directory of technical assistance providers in the greater Pittsburgh region
  • a roadmap to navigate the process of reclaiming vacant lots
  • stories from residents who have created their own vacant lot projects right here in Pittsburgh


 Help us spread the word!

Are you a community development corp, a environmentally – minded organization or a neighborhood watch group? Help us spread the word and get the tools into residents’ and communities’ hands.

Visit our Lots to Love Promotional Toolkit page to get started.

Find the lot of your dream – start exploring today.



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