Volunteers in Action

By: Sara Innamorato

GTECH held its first volunteer day of the season this past weekend, hosting about 60 student volunteers from Students Today Leaders Forever. For this group of high school students, GTECH was just one stop on the organization’s “Pay it Forward” tour this February, a five-day servant leadership trip during which young adults in middle school, high school and college volunteer during the morning and participate in leadership activities during the day. We are thankful that these young leaders lent so many helping hands to GTECH’s preparation for our ReClaim South installations!

Check out the pieces we put together this weekend, and the outcomes we hope to see at the end of the projects!

GTECH’s demonstration project for ReClaim South will be be installed at a bus stop in Allentown, at the intersection of Arlington, Knox and Climax. Each basket will be filled with different things, such as rubble found around the lot or cassette tapes. They will then be positioned around the bus stop area to give this corner lot an artistic touch.

The STLF volunteers also started painting fruits and veggies on some log disks that will be placed in a children’s area of a community garden in Mt. Oliver Borough’s  Transverse Park. One of our Bhutanese ReClaim South Ambassadors is partnering with Grow Pittsburgh to provide a community space for this new community garden. Part of that space will have seating and activities for children to do while their parents are gardening.

You can see other projects we have been a part of on our website, and make sure to check back in October 2014 to see the finished ReClaim South Ambassador projects!

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