Wethoptober Fest: a Success!

By: Sara Innamorato

Beers, Bites and a Better ‘Burgh.

Wet Hoptober - NJS42
Wet Hoptober - NJS60
Wet Hoptober - NJS62
Wet Hoptober - NJS50
Wet Hoptober - NJS31
Wet Hoptober - NJS28
Wet Hoptober - NJS21
Wet Hoptober - NJS19
Wet Hoptober - NJS11
Wet Hoptober - NJS09
Wet Hoptober - NJS47

The People who made it happen.

Noah talking about growing hops in an urban environment .

Scott, owner of East End Brewing, talking about community and beer.

Staff can enjoy a few brews too.

Thanks to the Sprout fund for funding the Hop Project

Noah mingles with the crowd.

A crowd packed into Marty's Market for a chance to fast the brews.

Wonderful, local food provided by Marty's Market

Attendees enjoyed the limited release wet-hopped beer...

a lot.


Thank you to everyone who came out to Wet Hoptober Fest this past October 3rd!

Not only did we get to drink some great wet-hopped beers from East End Brewing and ate locally purveyed food from Marty’s Market’s Cafe, but also made new friends, learned about growing hops and interacted with this Garfield farms-based project. Together we raised over $500 for next year’s urban hop farm.

Also a shout out to Porter Loves Photography for the great photos.


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