With GTECH, everyone wins.

Residents learn new skills and take action. Communities gain local leaders and thriving outdoor spaces. Partners and policymakers more easily create change that supports their mission. And the social, economic and environmental health of Allegheny County improves, benefiting all who live or work here.

By combining data and design with community organizing and policy expertise, we co-create solutions that reflect the unique needs and desires of each community. Residents take a leading role in every GTECH project, so we can equip them with the knowledge and skills it takes to create positive changes in their neighborhood, and sustain these changes over time.

A majority of GTECH projects begin with data collection and analysis, conducted by residents, with our guidance. Their findings give partnering organizations and policymakers confidence that proposed solutions can adequately address the problems identified by the community. And our many years of coordinating multiple partners on a project means we can easily scale projects and, most importantly, their impact on neighborhoods.