What We Do

What We Do

The ReClaim team is composed of designers, policy specialists, social innovators, landscape architects and community organizers.

We believe connections make our work possible. That is why we have developed strong partnerships with individual residents, neighborhood Community Development Corporations and Community Based Organizations, nonprofits, government entities and local businesses to improve the health of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.


What We Do

Design and Planning

Good design is inclusive design

We firmly believe that good design and planning are vital to transforming blight and can help bring community members together. Through our on-the-ground approach, we actively listen to community members’ input and ideas to create site designs based upon their vision for the future.  As long-term plans are developed, we put into action tangible strategies for neighborhoods to use these once vacant lots immediately.


Navigating the system

We help communities understand policies and laws that can potentially put a damper on their planning and design efforts. Together with NGOs, government agencies, and other policy makers we help develop relevant legislation that makes community development easier for neighborhoods. With input from community groups, we help design processes that will help communities develop modern, innovative solutions.

Community Connectedness

“It takes a village…”

Community revitalization doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it with the voices of a few.  If you need to find us, we are typically at community meetings, working hand in hand with neighborhoods, community-based organizations, and motivated individuals across Allegheny County. We provide them with the tools that they need to make real progress and they provide us with the input we need to make sustainable change.  Developing strong partnerships is our priority. We use these partnerships to connect motivated individuals to networks of service providers, funders, and technical assistance groups.


Small Scale. Big Change.

GTECH has been working to transform communities with high levels of vacancy and blight since 2007. In that time we have  learned that partnerships of dedicated people bring about truly awesome change.  There exists a strong need to educate and empower future community movers and shakers on community development issues.With a neighborhood’s specific needs in mind, GTECH, and its partner organizations, educate the appropriate partners in leadership and community development processes.


Reimagining Vacant Space

The City of Pittsburgh contains over 27,000 empty, blighted lots. What if instead we saw 27,000 play spaces, parks, rain gardens, or public art installations? Imagine how the economics and perceptions in a neighborhood could be positively shifted.  The ReClaim team has the technical knowledge to create active, beautiful spaces with communities.

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