Design & Implementationicon_design

GTECH works to design and implement high quality, sustainable land use projects alongside those who will benefit from them.

By soliciting community input through design charrettes, analyzing community and regional development plans and assessing the space, we pride ourselves on producing high quality design in a community and environmentally friendly way.

Implementing a good quality land use project is hard! There are a lot of things to consider and decisions need to be made. GTECH’s team takes a community’s wants and needs and turns them into actionable designs that are implemented with volunteer labor.

Why is this important?

  • Design that is high quality will last longer and look better
  • Appropriate design for the space
  • Sustainable spaces that last long and are environmentally responsible
  • Nothing lost in translation between design and implementation
  • High quality implementation with sourced from repurposed materials
  • Custom built for your communities needs

Our qualified team of landscape architects, designers, urban planners, horticulturists, and general handy people can create just about anything that can be imagined up. We’ve been designing and putting high quality projects in the ground for years. Check out our events calendar to find a time to see us in action!