Education & Outreachicon_outreach

GTECH works to provide residents with the tools and resources needed to create their own change in their communities.

Education and outreach work is critical to our mission. Through our one-touch event such as blight bootcamp or GTECH on the Go, community members might be meeting us for the first time. We want them to leave with some very tangible action steps to be able to take action on their vacant land needs.

Why is this important:

  • Engaging with residents more personally
  • Showing that small actions can make a big difference
  • Bringing technology to the community through Lots to Love helps residents understand their neighborhoods on a different level
  • Offering custom workshops for resident-driven action at Blight Bootcamp

Our diverse team come from all walks of life and use our unique experiences to engage and connect with others. We are most passionate about meeting others who are excited to take an active role in their community, connect with others, and take part in creative projects.