Winter Energy Efficiency Education

Program Area: ReEnergize

Topic: Community Engagement, Education, Energy Efficiency

Year: 2013, 2014

Neighborhood: Hazelwood, Homewood, Larimer, Penn Hills



In winter of 2013-2014, ReEnergize Pgh with support from Peoples Gas, hosted 3 energy efficiency outreach and education events targeting Homewood, Larimer, Hazelwood, and Penn Hills.

The cold temperatures and snow, which started very early in the season were a burden on residents across communities all around Pittsburgh, and we took the opportunity to supply residents with energy saving tools like window plastic, caulking, weather stripping, air filter whistles, and shower timers.

We also had representatives from local service providers, including Peoples Gas, Habitat for Humanity, the Diagnostic Energy Auditors of Western Pennsylvania, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, NeighborWorks, and Conservation Consultants Inc. to provide residents with information about their programs.

Armed with these tools, and information about assistance programs like LIHEAP, Crisis, LIURP, and mid-income home performance contracting services, we were able to reach close to 100 community members with timely energy efficiency, and safety information.


  • 140 residents educated
  • Direct access to consumer services
  • 100 energy efficiency tool kits given away
  • Increased collaboration with 3 community based organizations
  • Lead generation opportunity for over 6 local organizations

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