The Women of GTECH

By: Sara Innamorato

Today is International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates the “economic, social and political achievements ” of women around the globe. This year’s theme is: Inspiring Change.

Nonprofits are institutions and advocates for a change across a wide spectrum of issues, particularly social affairs, facing our country. The women of GTECH sat down and discussed why we work at a nonprofit, and the ways we are inspiring change in our own communities.

Why do you work for a nonprofit?

Lydia Yoder: The thing that draws me to the nonprofit world is that there are more woman working in nonprofits than in any other type of organization. It feels encouraging.

Bethany Bloise: My mission statement for life is to make a difference. I like to help other people  see the change that they are capable of and then witness them helping others for the first time … When you get people to cross over into another world, that’s when you see both lives change.

Sara Innamorato:  I don’t think I am drawn to nonprofit work exactly. I am more drawn to the idea of doing good in the work I pursue. It’s just a standard now; moving forward, every job I take must be involved in some level of social good.

Megan Zeigler: Ditto.

SI: Go on …

MZ: I like helping people. Even when I worked in my other jobs it was always about helping people make a great outdoor space for themselves or make a situation better. I, too, like the helping people angle and the idea of growing social good.

BB: It’s easier to find people who share your values in the nonprofit world.

Evaine Sing: I worked in the corporate arena and I felt disconnected from the actual work that I was doing. The smaller scale allows you to be more hands on and to experience the impact your work has, rather than packaging up your idea and sending it out into the world. There is more accountability in this type of work.

SI: Now that I think about it, most of us have a similar background. We worked in corporate or corporates-esque jobs and made the financial sacrifice to come and do something to better the world.

Are you a woman inspiring change in your community? Tell us below.

*Note: Nicole Miller, another amazing woman who works at GTECH, was unable to join our discussion.

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